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For your car to get its best gas mileage and engine performance, it needs clean fuel injectors, air filters and fuel filters.


Here are some benefits of regular tune-ups:

  • Engine starts easier

  • Runs smoother

  • More efficient

  • Lower emissions

  • Improve fuel economy

  • Maintain engine power

Common Symptoms For Needing Tune-up:
  • Decreased Gas Mileage

  • Compromised Power

  • Rough Running engine

  • Engine Sometimes Stalls when stopped

  • Knocking during acceleration

  • Check Engine Light On

Tune-up Services


  • Complete Visual Inspection of engine components

  • Spark Plug Installation

  • Wire Replacement

  • Timing and Idle setting 

  • Filter Replacement 

  • Fuel System Cleaner

*Some vehicles require different tune-up procedures, talk to one of our technicians about your unique vehicle needs

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