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Suspension Repair

ASE Certified  Technicians


The steering and suspension system includes many parts that keep your ride smooth, safe, and under control.  


The parts include: struts, shocks, inner & outer tie rods, ball joints, coil springs, bushings, chassis parts, wheel bearings, etc.  


We will make sure that your front and rear suspensions are safe and ready for all the twists, turns and bumps of Chicago driving!

Common  Symptoms 
  • Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body

  • Noises or bouncing when riding over bumps in the road

  • Steering wheel is stiff or making noises

  • Tire wear is uneven or cupped on a certain side

  • Wandering wheel

  • Vehicle sways or leans when turning

  • Physical damage to the bushings and/or mountings

M & L Auto is the best shop on this side of town. I always take my my car there and know that I'll get the best rate on my repairs. I don't even shop around anymore!

Arlene P.

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